License Testing

The Grayson County Amateur Radio Club administers
Amateur Radio License testing

The tests are given prior to the GCARC club meeting each month
coordinated by the ARRL VEC. 

If you are a GCARC member, you will receive important announcements via

Information regarding testing appears in the monthly GCARC Newsletter. 


February 27, 2024 – Texoma Council of Governments – testing session begins at 6:00PM (Prior to Club Meeting)

The location of the test sessions is at the GCARC Meeting Location

The meeting address for GCARC meetings

Texoma Council of Governments
1117 Gallagher Dr
Sherman TX 75090

If you are interested in getting a license for the first time or if you would like to go for an upgrade, please view the following link so you know what to bring with you to the test session.

Application fees can be found at the URL below: 

FCC Application Fee (

More information about ARRL License Testing will be available at the next GCARC Club meeting. Anyone is invited to attend the general club meetings each month so please plan to be there if you have any questions you want answered regarding testing or to take a test. 


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