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GCARC Membership Types:

Full (Individual) (Default) $20.00
Family Membership (At same mailing address) $30.00
Associate Membership (Unlicensed) $15.00

New HamClubOnline Users

New users or members can use the code gaxv97chk8fzb to join the GCARC online via HCOL.
Additional HamClubOnline info can be found online at:

HamClubOnline (HCOL) Membership into Grayson County Amateur Radio Club, Inc is open to all persons interested in amateur radio solely with a personal aim and without pecuniary interest.
GCARC has started using for HAM Club membership management and more. HCOL is an easy powerful online tool with many features including online club management, membership renewal, club elections, club roster and much more.
To get started with you need to have an account, or if you were an active GCARC member in 2019, a HCOL account was created for you using your email ID that we had on file. If an account was created for you, and you didn’t see an email from, you can recover your password from HCOL using your call sign or email ID and then login.

After you are logged into Hamclubonline, to make a payment to renew your membership, please follow the following procedure.
Click on the link ‘Add Membership Time / Make a Payment’
On the next page, click on long blue button link labeled ‘Click here to renew your existing membership!

The next page will show you the renewal rate, which is $20.00 USD for 365 days. The page will show the present tentative ‘End Date’ of your membership. You can make a payment for upcoming multiple years if desired.

The Amount to Pay toward your membership is automatically filled in to extend your membership for 1 year, or you can submit multiple amounts to add multiple years towards your membership. You also have an Option to type in any additional donation you care to make at this time. Donations by PayPal are only received during renewal. They are not separately accepted via PayPal in a lone transaction. 

The only payment method online is PayPal. When you click submit, the page will automatically go to your PayPal login page so that you can authorize the funds to be sent to the GCARC.

***Note… The membership fee is $20.00 per year for an individual membership. When paying by PayPal, approximately 6% of the money sent to the club is charged as a fee to the club for making the transaction with PayPal. The club will get $18.81 from a $20.00 transaction using the PayPal service.

If you desire, you can bring your payment directly to the next club meeting in the form of a check or cash, and the club will then receive the full payment to be deposited in the club account.

If there are any questions, please direct your queries to: and I will be glad to answer any questions. 

James – KW5CW

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