Monthly Meeting Presentations

At each GCARC meeting every month, the club puts on a presentation for its members that come to the meetings. I am compiling a list of past presentations to be observed here on this page. Click on the link, and you will be able to view the presentation on PC or mobile phone. If you made a presentation to the club in the past and want it to be accessed here, please send me the document either in a .doc(x) or PDF file, and I’ll include it here – James – KW5CW

Amateur Radio Satellite Communications – by Kurt Zoglemann – AD0WE (CW Ninja) – November 2020

APRS by Michael Coffman – KI5NUI – SEPTEMBER 2023

SURVIVAL PREPAREDNESS – by Cynthia VanSlogteren – K5EKA and Michael Higgins – KI5ZIQ – May 2023

ARES Information – Wade Graves KF5AUD March 2024

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