QSL Manager’s Message – N5SLY

  The QSL Manager’s Message is a personal contribution from one of our members, Lee Sly – N5SLY. His writing skills are evident, as he writes in detail at times on specific ham radio subjects that he believes others need to be aware of. Some of his writing material depends on specific activities going on at that time, but others are just some pure ham radio knowledge that everyone needs to understand. 

Lee has always been one of the GCARC’s largest contributors. He’s been an officer and served in many positions. He also manages all the club’s Special Events. 

Lee is a LIFE MEMBER of the GCARC. 

In this section of the website, you will see the headings with years listed. In each year, eventually there will be all of his QSL messages in chronological order. His messages usually contain a world of information that hams can use. The links he supplies in each article are live links that you can access within his article on this website. 

A special thanks to Lee for writing this special column for the newsletter each and every month. 


James – KW5CW – Webmaster

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