2022 Main Prize Winner

The Grayson County Christmas Party came to a close and the turnout was great. The club provided some genuinely nice prize gifts, and everyone that attended was able to take something home. 

Congratulations are in order, as one of our newest members, Cynthia VanSlogteren won the main prize, which was a TH8600 2-meter/70-cm radio. She has just recently received her General Class ticket – KI5YYW. She’s only held her license now for just 3 weeks, and she was extremely excited to win the main prize, which was a VHF/UHF radio. Originally, she had plans to purchase a new 2-meter radio after the first of the year, but as destiny has it, she can now save her money for other things; maybe a radio for the low bands to build up her radio shack. Again, congratulations Cynthia for winning the main prize at the GCARC Christmas Party!

Cynthia VanSlogteren – KI5YYW

TH8600 Main Prize WINNER!

UPDATE:  Since receiving her license,

she received a new vanity call…


Congratulations Cynthia!




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