Club Financial Reports

Each month, the Treasurer will post an updated Treasurer’s Report by the last day of the previous month to reflect balances, debits, credits and all transactions. The figures will reflect what the actual balance is on the last day of the month. These figures will be reported at the next meeting the following month. 
The Treasury Report will no longer be reflected in the newsletter each month. This is an attempt to safeguard the numbers from floating around to people who really would have no need to know, but at the same time, make the numbers available from within the website that are easily accessible for those who really need to know and have a right to know. 

The first report to appear on-line will be the December 2023 statement that will reflect what is available at the bank as of the last day of December 2023. 

Click on the month of your choice to display the report. 

James Frank – KW5CW

Grayson County Amateur Radio Club Treasurer

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