Station of the Month – N5LDO – August 2020

Station of the Month – N5LDO – August 2020

Our August Station of the month is a home-based station operated by Glen Davis (N5LDO) outfitted with ICOM 7300 and 7100 Radios, these two radios provide access to the most popular Amateur HF/UHF/VHF/DSTAR frequencies. In addition Glen operates three different hand talkies, an ANYTONE 878 dual band 144/440 MHZ with GPS and DMR, a Yaesu FT-60 dual band 144/440 MHZ, and a Kenwood TH-D74A triband 144/220/440 MHZ with GPS/APRS capabilities. Hand talkies are Glen’s outdoor carry arounds and finally a NW Digital Radio Thumbdv that lets Glen operate DMR and DSTAR remotely using his computer and a USB mic from anywhere with a good WIFI signal. His hand talkies and IC 7100 utilize Glen’s 4 Raspberry Pi hotspots for DMR, DSTAR and Allstar access.

For his HF rigs Glen is using a MY ANTENNA 80-10 End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) antenna and is currently making his own version of this antenna. For UHF and VHF he uses a Comet J-pole. Glen has been a ham since early 2017. He steadily progressed from Technician to his April 2020 passing of the Extra Exam. Glen loves to try the many facets of Amateur Radio. Over the last three years he has explored both SSB voice and HF digital modes such as FT8, FT4, PSK31, and JS8Call. Glen also likes hunting POTA activators and has acquired the necessary equipment to begin activations himself.  He has stated, “I use my Amateur Radio license, to steal a quote from N5SLY Lee, as a license to learn, and I have fun doing it! Having fun is the key to any hobby.”  In the future, Glen will be adding an already purchased Hustler 6BTV to his station and will be attempting satellite/ISS coms with his TH-D74A. Glen is also in the process of learning Morse code and plans to start operating CW by the end of the year. If you would like to have your station featured as our GCARC Station of the Month, send me an email at:

73 – Angel Staten, N5APJ

Base station - N5LDO



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